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Exterior High Cycle Rubber Doors

If you need High Cycle Rubber Doors, we have you covered. Literally!

Made with patent-pending designs and durable construction, these doors are ideal for use in areas with extreme environments. These fast-acting doors have a springless design that requires minimal interruption for maintenance and breakaway technology to make doors field repairable.

Our trusted partner Wayne Dalton offes the Model 885 ADV-X high speed rubber door which is made with special reinforced rubber, and is perfect for large exterior openings or extreme applications. Constructed with 5 layers of NBR rubber and 4 layers of polyester weave, this door is capable of withstanding pressure of up to ±27 psf or 180 mph and can operate under pressures up to ±5 psf or 75 mph. Model 885 ADV-X is also designed to be low maintenance and includes such features as breakaway impact detection and push button self-repair, along with plug and play wiring.


  • Max Width: 30’
  • Max Height: 30’
  • Exterior applications
  • Material: 5 layers of NBR rubber with 4 layers of polyester weave
  • Wind resistance up to ±27 psf; operational pressure up to ±5 psf
  • Opening speed: up to 50” per second
  • Closing speed: up to 40” per second
  • Breakaway self-reset
  • Operator: direct-drive motor and gearbox system
  • Control: variable frequency drive
  • Wireless reversing edge
  • Plug and play wiring

Design Features

High Cycle Design

  • Springless design requires minimal interruption for maintenance
  • Direct-mounted gear drive minimizes wear and tear
  • Variable frequency drive eliminates sudden jolts from door start/stop

Tough Construction

  • Multi-reinforced rubber provides added strength without the weight

Exterior Environments

  • Ideal for harsh exterior conditions with an operational wind load up to 5 PSF at 20 ft. wide
  • Nitrile butadiene rubber provides resistance to petrochemicals

Low Maintenance

  • Breakaway design with impact detection and push button self repair; plug and play wiring


  • Manufacturing / Heavy Manufacturing
  • Warehouse / Distribution
  • Mining
  • Auto and Transit
  • Parking Garages
  • Large Openings

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