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Dock Seals and Shelters

Seal It Up offers a complete line of custom fit dock seals and dock shelters to suit almost any overhead door. All products are designed to improve safety, protect merchandise, reduce cost and improve security at the loading dock.

Custom Dock Seals to suite any application!

✔ Improve energy conservation
✔ Protect merchandise from the elements
✔ Help preserve internal temperatures
✔ Keep loading docks dry and safe

Dock Seal

Adjustable Head Curtain Dock Seal

  • A top curtain with a pulley system that can be raised or lowered to suit a variety of trailer sizes
  • Two foam side pads seal the side gap between the building wall and trailer
  • For 8’w x 10’h doors
Dock Seal

Adjustable Head Curtain Full Access

  • A Velcro-Split top curtain is raised and lowered with a pulley system to fit a variety of trailer sizes, unlike conventional pads.
  • Two foam “L” shaped side pads seal the sides of the trailer allowing full access.
  •  For 10’w x 10’h doors
Dock Seal

Stationary Full Access Truck Access

  • Wood or galvanized fixed side and head frames that project from building wall
  • Top and side curtains extend in from the frame to seal the sides and top of the trailer
  • Sturdy steel guards protect frames from being damaged
  • For 10’w x 10’h doors
Dock Shelter

Stationary Foam Truck Shelter

  • Ideal for standard trailers and tailgate trucks
  • Foam side frames designed to withstand impact from misaligned trucks
  • Side curtains are removable to allow air flow in summer and extend the life of the unit
  • Perfect for all applications
  • For 10’w x 10’h door
Dock Seal

Rain Shroud

  • Designed for retrofitting existing units or as a stand-alone unit
  • A foam wiper blade design creates a tight seal against the top of the trailer to stop water from rolling onto the loading dock
Dock Shelter

Stationary Inflatable Shelter

  • Top and side air bags inflate to fit a variety of trailer sizes
  • Both air bags retract fully when not in use
  • Sturdy steel guards protect frame from trailer damage
  • For 10’ w x 10’ h openings

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